Ad For Good®

Ad For Good® is the first social and environmental impact label for the advertising industry.

What is Ad For Good® ?

Ad For Good® is determined to break the current model of advertising into a new and fair eco-system where each and every advert in the world would support a worthwhile cause through their advertising campaign.

Ad For Good® turns at least 1% of any advertising budget into a donation to approved social and environmental nonprofit organizations.

Our mission is to take 1% out of the global advertising budget to keep our planet and its people safe.

When consumers are exposed to a digital ad that shows the Ad For Good® label on any offline or online ad support, they are rewarded financially with a digital currency called 'Boon'. This adds up as digital credit directly and automatically on their personal Boon.Today wallet. Users can redeem their Boon directly from their Boon.Today wallet to make donations to the social organizations of their choice.

"The post-advertising world is not one without advertising, but one where our attention would benefit and help society."

Shaï Douillet, CEO Boon.Today

Why join Ad For Good® ?

Becoming a member of Ad For Good is the opportunity for your business to make an impact and to show your engagement to your advertising audience.

We are entering a new world where advertising has to be revolutionised and take into consideration its planet and its people.

"Brands of the future will be supported by consumers based on how the brand helps them and the society."

Joah Santos, Chief Behavior Strategist at NYLON

Every year, more than $500 Bn is spent on Global Advertising. We are on a mission to make Advertising Good.

We are investing our time and resources to restore the hope of our children.

Ad For Good works with companies, NGOs and people, to establish the needs of our Planet.

Ad For Good

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