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Ad For Good follows on from Boon.Today.

An incredible adventure that started just three years ago.

On launching Boon.Today in 2016, the main object was to create and develop an efficient technology which was dedicated to inspire and inform the millennial generation in an engaging format.

Boon.Today is currently not only an online/offline technology but a main solidarity-based crowdfunding platform where each digital interaction (Downloading an App, Likes, Shares, Views, Website Visits) from your brands' advertising audience helps to microfinance a social or environmental cause.

For three years now we have been working with a real sense of purpose. Every interaction made, every relationship created, and every donation made has turned into a positive impact on the world and on the people living in it.  Our work has joined together customers and brands, and brands and nonprofit organizations.


The main motivating force within us has been the prospect of defining ourself as an advocate of social and environmental causes through the many programs and missions that we have been implementing. 

Now, we have launched our Ad For Good label to have an impact on our planet, it is now time for you to join us to show your dedication to the planet.

Ad For Good was created in order to meet the needs of brands.


Our aim is to engage you in social and environmental missions within societies that are in need of help and to make you more active on social media by engaging with your audience through your projects.

At Ad For Good, we understand the strong need for businesses to use advertising for promoting their brand and their image. We also realise also the importance that these exact brands need to transform their advertising budget into a charitable donation to keep our planet and people safe.


That's why we decided to create Ad For Good - a certification that your business is championing causes which you believe in, which positions your brand as being trusted in our society.

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