Ad For Good follows on from Boon.Today 

An incredible adventure that started two years ago.

On launching Boon.Today in 2016, the main object was to create and develop an efficient tool dedicated to inspire and inform the millennial generation in an engaging format.

Boon.Today is currently not only an online/offline technology but a main solidarity-based crowdfunding platform where each of the interactions (Download App, Like, Share, View, Website Visit) of our community on your brand mission helps to micro finance a social or environmental cause.

For two years now we have been kept on giving a real sense to our job ; which is the fact of transforming every interaction, every relationship created thanks to our work between customers/brands or between brands/nonprofit organizations into a real positive impact on our planet and on our peoples. The main motivating force has been the prospect of defining ourself as an advocate of social and environmental causes through many programs and missions that we  have been implementing. 

Today,  we are launching Ad For Good : the new label dedicated to gather Ad Businesses that understand the necessity of having strong and impactful actions both on our planet and peoples. It is also an opportunity for you to show your engagement to your audience. 

Ad For Good has been created in order to meet the need that brands have to engage themselves in social and environnemental missions within a society that is becoming more and more sensitive to human and environnemental causes and more active on  social media, which is as much about engagement with people as it is about sharing contents. 

Within Ad For Good we understand the strong utility for businesses to use advertising for promoting their brand and their image. We realize also the importance that these very brands have to transform any advertising budget into a donation to keep our planet and people safe.


That's why we decided to create Ad For Good - a certification that your business will champion causes in which your team believe in.


Therefore, it is a guaranty of positioning your brand as a trusted voice within our society. 

Ad For Good

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