Ad For Good is guaranteed to give your business a real advantage over your competitors. It is the certification of having an important added value both for your current customers towards your potential clients.

At Ad For Good, we understand the necessity for you to remain competitive.

That's why we offer you the opportunity to keep on promoting your brand and your image through efficient ads, whilst boosting your social and environmental responsibility at the same time. 

Thanks to the Label Ad For Good your brand will be classified as influential and as a key brand for taking action within the community of those who care about the protection of our planet and people.

We just require that you give at least 1% of your advertising budget as a donation to approved social and environmental nonprofit organizations. 

Today at Ad For Good we offer you the opportunity to choose among 450 social or environmental project to support.

You are also free to choose the approved social and or environmental nonprofit organisations yourself that you would like support and with whom you will be directly linked to during the whole processes of your brand's campagin. 



Engage and consolidate your relationship with your consumers 

We strongly believe that our society, and more precisely, that worldwide customers are becoming more and more sensitive and responsive to brands' ads when there is an engagement in a social and environmental cause behind it. Being certified Ad For Good is to give your customers the guarantee that behind some of your promotions, you are directly supporting a cause you care about. This involves a better relationship with your customers and the opportunity for you to make others aware and interested in helping save the planet, by way of the cause you are supporting.

Ad For Good means the certification of creating customer loyalty around values your brand embodies. 

Bring a strong added value to your business 


Today Millennials have been increasing in the power of influence and of decision. It is the generation which is globally connected, better educated, more tolerant and diverse. At Ad For Good we understand the necessity for businesses to create and gain in value in order to stand up to other competitors. On choosing Ad For Good you will have the guarantee to prevail over your competitors because you won't only become an impactful and an important brand within our society but also you will have made the choice of revolutionising your advertising.

Much more visibility with our logo "Ad For Good"

On being a member of Ad For Good, you will be free to use our logo on all of your packagings but also on your ads and websites for a duration of 12 months. This logo will be the certification of your membership at Ad For Good's community and the proof of your engagement in social and environmental missions for your consumers and  for the potential ones. 

The guarantee of employees engagement 

Being a member of Ad For Good will not simply benefit the interests of your business in terms of economic growth, popularity, added value and image. It will also reinforce the engagement of your employees on creating a real connection between your brand and your workforce. That's why Ad For Good should be seen as a tool to strongly engage and motivate your staff. It is the certification of receiving a better engagement from your employees simply because they will see themselves as important in decision makings and feel connected to the business' image and philosophy through shared common values.

Ad For Good : a strong tool to improve your Employer Branding 


Within Ad For Good we understood the importance of Employer Branding. Thanks to a strong employer brand your company will

be able to increase the number of quality applicants, reduce costs per recruitment and differentiate yourself from competitors. 

Today it is important to know that 75% of candidates research about a firm's reputation and employer branding before applying for job as 69% of them would not accept a job within a firm with a bad reputation.

That's why Ad For Good will ensure that your employees will participate in the promotion of the good reputation of your brand.



Participating and being a member of our global network through our various events, trade shows and conferences are opportunities for your teams, and generally speaking, for your business to exchange on current issues and learn from other members. You will find us at local community events but also online thanks to our social and digital network. 




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You can choose to dedicate at least 1% of the entire whole company's advertising budget to Ad For Good. The advertising promotion will include all the promotion of the company's various brands. 

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Is your company composed of many brands?

Well, you can choose to allocate only one or specific brands' advertising budget to Ad For Good's missions. It means that you can join the program with one or multiple brands. 

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Beginning with one product line can be a good start to build up your engagement within Ad For Good, and an opportunity to establish a partnership if you have a product or a line of products that are aligned with our mission. 





We offer you the possibility to increase your social and environmental engagement by fitting your ads with our technology from Boon.Today. For two years now, Boon.Today has been working on developing many items and more, generally speaking, innovations that will give to your ads more sense and more impacts. Innovations and Technologies such as the technology NFC, QR Code, videos/websites, and traditional display/ digital screens imagined helping you to move your advertising out of the box and break the traditional codes of advertising. 

As Ad For Good is in membership with Boon.Today, we would like to offer our members an "Ad For Good x Boon.Today" deal of 30% off on your first campaign.