Business partnerships have been created within Ad For Good in order to gather all the businesses willing to transform at least 1% of their advertising budget into donation for approved social and environmental nonprofit organizations all around the world. 

Being member of Ad For Good community involve having the opportunity of being certified and recognized not only as an influential brand in terms of social and environmental engagement but also as a brand which has a clear added value among the other competitors.


Indeed, by choosing to take part of the Ad For Good experience you have made the choose of breaking the traditional codes of advertising since you can define your advertising campaign's policy as innovative and disruptive. 

More than simply donate this budget to organizations, thanks to Ad For Good you will be directly connected with an organization which is not only approved by our team but also that you will have freely chosen in advance according to the values and missions you take care about. 

Ad For Good  is the solution for transforming your traditional ads into something truly meaningful that will be seen both from your employees and from the worldwide society as a promotion which would testify your implication and your engagement. 

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